VuePix 4K Screen for Rio 2016 Olympics Studio

August 2016


VuePix 4K Screen for Rio 2016 Olympics Studio

Date: August 2016
Location: : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
LED Panels: S Series
Category: Indoor Installation

Rio Olympics

Live your Passion Rio – The 2016 Summer Olympic Games have officially started!.

The Olympic Opening Ceremony at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil kicked off the Games of the XXXI Olympiad.
It is the first time that the World’s most watched sporting event is hosted in South America with a record number of countries participating in a record number of sports.
NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, has selected NEP Group to provide mobile broadcasting and engineering consulting for its production. “NEP is proud to support NBC on its coverage of the Rio Olympics and continue our relationship that has spanned every Winter and Summer Games broadcast over the past 28 years,” said Deb Honkus, NEP Founder and Chairwoman.

Channel Seven was awarded the rights to broadcast the Rio 2016 Olympics in Australia and is mounting the largest, most comprehensive sports coverage ever seen in Australia. The centrepiece of this coverage is the Rio Central studio.

The NEP team approached the ULA Group to provide the HD Screen for their Rio Central Studio set. “We needed to come up with a fully customised curved screen solution”, says Nathan Wright, VuePix Product Manager at ULA Group. “Our VuePix S1mm technology screen was an ultimate choice for the set, thanks to its high refresh rate it eliminates any problems with moiré effect for cameras in TV environment”.

The VuePix S series features Black LEDs, which provide a superior HD image with high contrast, deep blacks and vibrant colours. The sleek slim line design with advanced ventilation doesn’t require any fans for cooling, making the screen perfect for the delicate installations like TV studios, where noise levels are crucial.