| Ultra-black LED technology | Pixel Pitch 1.9 – 2.8mm
| State-of-the-art image quality | High refresh rate
| Fast locking system | Inbuilt feet and edge protectors
| Cable-free operation | Straight or curved
| Super Lightweight | Pixel Pitch 3.7 – 5.3mm
| Fast Build | Rapid Transport
| Intuitive Coupling System | IP65 Rated
| Straight or Curved | Full range of accessories
VuePix digital AO sign becomes the most
photographed feature of the Happy Slam.
VuePix Infiled customised LED solution
| IP65 Rated | Creative LED | #A02018
VuePix giant digital billboard installed at the
Frizelle Sunshine Isuzu Centre.
VuePix Infiled | 10mm | Digital Billboard | IP65 Rated
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LED Display Products

VuePix Infiled is the market leader in commercial LED signage technology. We offer an extensive range of high quality LED displays, LCD displays, advanced software systems and customised digital visual solutions, designed for your specific requirements. Our comprehensive range of LED screens can be found front and centre at the world’s largest stages, at main international transportation hubs, shining bright at most of the major TV productions or delivering message to millions throughout the series of digital billboards worldwide.

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Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club Big Screen Digital Scoreboard LED Display

Indoor Installation Solutions

VuePix Infiled Indoor LED displays represent the pinnacle of LED technology, offering fully customizable solutions with a pixel pitches starting from 1.2mm.

Hoppys Car Wash Digital Billboard Outdoor LED Advertising

Outdoor Installation Solutions

Purpose built, IP65 rated LED screens, designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments while delivering superb quality of visuals and flawless operation.

tomorrowland led displays

Rental Solutions

Our Rental & Touring LED systems have proven to be the preferred solution for live visual productions, sitting front and centre of the world’s largest stages.

Australian Open Custom LED Sign Digital Display Artwork

Creative Solutions

VuePix Infiled pushes the boundaries and redefines the possibilities of the digital landscape with bespoke LED solutions. The only limit is your imagination.

custom LED trailer

Mobile LED Solutions

Maximise exposure and take the message to the crowds with our purpose built mobile LED platforms – LED trailers, LED containers and LED trucks.

LCD kiosk

LCD Kiosk

Our VuePix Infiled digital signage advertising kiosks provide a perfect platform to deliver your message to the desired audience at the areas with a heavy footfall.