1st August 2017

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New VuePix ER screen for TES

Date: June 2017
Location: : Darwin, Australia
LED Panels: ER Series
Category: : Rental Products

Congratulations to Colin West and his team at Total Event Services on their brand new VuePix ER Screen

The major Australian production company based in Darwin has invested again in the VuePix technology. Following their initial purchase of VuePix screen in 2013, and reacting to a great demand and latest trends on the market, Colin West (MD) hasn’t hesitated to entrust VuePix brand again, this time investing in the latest ER4.6 technology.

With over 35 years of history in the professional entertainment industry, and putting their gear to some of the toughest Australian environments and most distant areas, Colin knows the industry back to front and knows exactly what to look for when deciding about the major investment to his new inventory.