ESPN Digital Display

Another Poker prize for VuePix

Clifton Productions provided their services to yet another Poker series. ‘World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific’ set and recorded at Crown Casino in Melbourne. Working closely with set designer LD Mal Nicholls. All of Mal Nicholls designs where custom built and supplied by Clifton Productions – trussing, lighting, flooring, circular riser, Video Screens, etc.

VuePix 6mm LED Screens were again the choice product for the set, delivering great background graphics and visual effects.

The lightweight slim VuePix T series cabinets are easy and quick to assemble, and provide space saving installations for various purposes. The display can be customized to virtually any size and shape according to project requirements. The Smooth image display with ultra-high resolution and excellent color uniformity provide top quality viewing performance at close viewing distances.

Poker Championship Digital Signage LED Screens

VuePix for Aussie Millions Poker

Clifton Productions recently supplied the set, lighting and LED screens for the Aussie Millions Poker at Crown Casino in Melbourne. Four large VuePix 6mm LED screens where positioned around the poker table. Streaming images and graphics throughout the entire program. The footage from the show will be edited in the US and broadcasted through Foxtel channels.